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29.-30. October
Buddhas third Truth for Noble Ones: The Cessation of Suffering (dukha)”

We all very much always want to be happy and satisfied, to be free from physical and mental pain and problems. However, most of the time we fail.
2,500 years ago Buddha discovered that the ordinary methods we use every day - buying things, enjoying pleasant sensations, gaining fame, etc. - do not work. These methods fail to provide lasting satisfaction. All things are impermanent, changing from second to second.
The Buddha taught methods for achieving a calmer and happier mind in this life and in the lives to come, and even attaining unconditional happiness and peace forever.

Included in the program:
Guided meditations, explanations and discussion times. Half of each day will be spent in silence.

17.-18. September
Our Own Mind is the Creator of Everything

We feel that we are in an independent world containing many different objects and beings, where all kinds of independent events are happening that cause us pain, happiness, pleasure and displeasure, and that we are not responsible for them. We spend our lives trying to manipulate things and events to bring us less pain and unhappiness, and more happiness and pleasure. Yet we suffer and are dissatisfied. This shows that our approach is flawed. In fact, everything we experience and the feelings that arise in us are the result of self-created causes. This process occurs because we perceive things in a mistaken way and conceive of them in a mistaken way.

05.-07. August
The Four Truths of Noble Beings

We invite you to a retreat to reflect on the first teachings given by the Buddha - the "Four Truths of Noble Beings". They are the basis for understanding the Buddha's path - how to understand our existence - what causes us to be happy or experience suffering. The purpose of the teachings is to show us the path for ending the misfortunes of humans and all living beings. These Four Truths were set forth in 528 BCE in the Deer Park, Sarnath, near modern Varanasi. These teachings serve as the foundation for all branches of Buddhism.

2018 Program

All-night Tāra practice 4 August. From 21.00 Saturday evening until 03.00 Sunday.

Tāra is the female manifestation of all awakened beings' activity. Tāra practices can really help gain success in all spiritual and wordly activities.

This unique practice includes offering mandalas, prayers to Tāra, reciting the praises to 21 Tāras and circumambulating holy objects. There will be several breaks during the night.

There will be a light meal served on Saturday evening and breakfast on Sunday morning. Participants are requested to donate EUR7. There are several beds and a number of matresses available for takling a rest, in which case please bring a sleeping bag or blankets.

All are wecome to attend.