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Maitreya Buddha in the meditation hall
Our Maitreya statue being placed on it's new throne

Work continuing on the life-size White Mahakala statue

Mahākālas statujas veidošana
Elegant new railings for the entry. September 2014. margas
landscaping work apkārtnes sakopšana
relaxing in the summer heat atpūta
The rock garden planted akmensdārz
Creating a Japanese garden from large and small rocks. To improve the feng-shui a garden was needed at this corner of the house. Summer 2014. veido akmensdārzu
Imants Daksis singing during the mid-summer night festival 2014. Imants Daksis jāņos
MANI retreat participants enjoying dinner. MANI retrītanti
Arriving for a MANI retreat June 2014.
A new outside toilet was built jaunā tualete
Spring 2014. pavasaris 2014
Annual all-night tara practice October, 2013.
A new Tara statue in the meditation hall ready for an all-night Tara practice.
28 July, 2012.
Being right next to a lake, there are many snails at the centre. In order to save them from being crushed underfoot we are making pathways around the building. July, 2012. rok takas
Pouring concrete for an accessibility ramp, July 2012 lej betonu
Traktor looking for stones :-).. and improving drainage drenāža
Beginning to make new entry steps 2011. jaunas kāpnes
flags fluttering from the end of the building The meditation hall ready for a nyungne retreat