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(1) Stupa of Heaped Lotuses
Commemorates the Buddha's birth at Lumbini, where he took seven steps in each of the four directions, from which lotuses sprang.

(2) Stupa of Awakening (Enlightenment) or the Conquest of Mara
Commemorates the Buddha's defeat of Mara, and his awakeningt under the bodhi tree at Bodhgaya.

(3) Stupa of Many Doors or Gates
Commemorates the Buddha's first turning of the Wheel of Dharma in the Deer Park at Sarnath near Varanasi.

(4) Stupa of Miracles
Commemorates the Buddha's miraculous defeat of the non-Buddhists (tirthika) in the Jetvana Grove at Shravasti.

(5) Stupa of Descent from the God Realm
Commemorates the summer retreat that the Buddha spent teaching the reincarnation of his mother in the heavenly realm of Tushita, and his descent from this realm at the city of Sankasya.

(6) Stupa of Reconciliation
Commemorates the Buddha's reconciliation of the disputing factions within the Sangha at Veluvana bamboo grove at Rajagriha.

(7) Stupa of Complete Victory
Commemorates the Buddha's prolonging of his life by three months at the city of Vaisali, when he was 80 years of age.

(8) Stupa of Parinirvana
Commemorates the Buddha's passing away beyond sorrow between two sal trees at the city of Kushinigara.

The common elements of these eight types of stupas are the foundation up to the lion throne, and the upper part from the rings upward. The middle section is where the different forms are realized.